Boehner Resigning, No Longer Willing to Dance With the Ones That Brung Him

John_Boehner_official_portraitSpeaker of the House John Boehner will resign his leadership post and House seat in October.  Boehner gained the speakership in 2010 in a Tea Party wave leading to GOP control of the House of Representatives, but has had difficulty placating the various GOP factions.  In subsequent elections the Republicans have appealed to their base with a non-compromising posture and have managed to shut down the government over a variety of issues.  Very few of the goals the GOP emphasized during election season have been realized.

Here’s the Skinny:  Politicians in Congress usually compromise with one another to get things done.  During Boehner’s time as Speaker not everyone was willing to compromise, so very little was accomplished.  The next Speaker will face the same pressures.

Former house majority leader Eric Cantor suggests in the New York Times that goals of the conservative right are not only unreasonable, they are unrealistic.

Erick Ericsson over at Fox News writes that Speaker Boehner’s issues are not surprising as he excluded some voices in the GOP.

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